House Specialities

Masor Bora£7.95

(Indian style fish cakes served with a sauce of customers choice and salad)

Dhui Cheese Di£7.95

(Indian Paneer cheese cooked with chicken or lamb then topped with mozzarella cheese)

Masor Bazzar£9.95

(King prawn butterfly, roasted telapia fillet, prawn chat and salad)

Aash Jhul£7.95

(Tandoori duck in a special Asian sauce)

Meeta Khodu (Chicken or Lamb)£7.95

(Indian sweet pumpkin in a light medium sauce)

Fusion Mix (Dry)£7.95

(A mix of meat samosa, veg samosa, aloo pakora, onion bhaji and paneer tikka, served with salad)

Naga Chicken (Very Hot!)£7.95

(Chicken cooked with hot, aromatic Naga chilli pickle.)

Moza Chicken Tikka£7.95

(Chicken tikka cubes with mince meat and spinach in a medium sauce)

Chicken Rani£7.95

(Whole chicken breast filled with mince meat and cooked in the tandoor and served with chat sauce)

Sylhet Combi£7.95

(Chicken, lamb or prawn in a special shashlick sauce made from chunky onions, peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms)

Chicken or Lamb Makpuri£7.95

(Please specify mild, medium or hot)

Chicken or Lamb Chot Poti£7.95

(Please specify medium or hot)

Chicken or Lamb Kumlaite£7.95

(A fusion Indian dish with onions, tomatoes, peppers and a medium sauce)

Chicken or Lamb Jhal Massala£7.95

(A mix of the traditional red, creamy tikka massala & jalfrezi! Slightly hot with green chilli)

Chicken or Lamb Mango Malai£7.95

(A medium to mild dish cooked sweet with fresh mango)

Chicken or Lamb Ceylon£7.95

(A slightly hot madras strength dish with lemon juice)

Chicken or Lamb Achari£7.95

(Madras strength